About Me

I’m a post-graduate student in my early 20s who’s studying to get her professional qualifications and currently living in Hong Kong. Usually, I’m buried nose deep in cases, legislation, and textbooks. Other times, I’m scribbling on anything I can get my hands on – notebooks, sheets of paper, corners of newspapers. Once I wrote a short story on a dinner napkin because I was bored out of my mind at a wedding banquet.

I’ve been writing since I was a child. It was a way for me to escape and outlet for me to vent, to share, and still is to this day. I started by writing (awful) fanfiction, then roleplaying, and now I’m slowly progressing to short stories and the makings of my first novel.

My other interests include cooking – or rather, experimenting and tinkering in the kitchen with varying degrees of success, stuffed toys, calligraphy, and video games. Mostly RPGs, visual novels, and the odd strategy game. I’m also teaching myself to code in Python at the moment, so with any luck, I’ll pick it up soon and move on to other more complex languages. Oh, and tea. My eternal love. So many blends! Also, because coffee makes my heart rate go up.

I also travel during the summer! Usually it’s to Europe, to visit family and friends there; otherwise, it’s China or Japan or Australia. I’d like to travel to the Americas one day, both North and South, to see the Aztec Pyramids, or if I ever manage, to Africa to see Egypt.

My heart icon on my profile page is taken from this lovely DeviantArt here. I just added a starry overlay on it.


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