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100 Word Challenge – Parent

Title: With Bated Breath
Prompt: Parent
100 Word Challenge – Thin Spiral Notebook

I missed last week’s 100 word challenge, I’m afraid, no thanks to my schedule. But hopefully I’ll have something back on the semi-regular.

Note: This post contains implications of miscarriage.

Her seat felt like needle-pins as she waited. Her husband took her hand, and only then did she notice them trembling.

She remembered the last three times too clearly: first, nausea, then cramps – mild, at first, then agonising. No, not them too. Her pleas went unanswered.

Finally, a nurse emerged.

“Mrs. Somerset?”

She learnt from the doctor that her antibodies were hypersensitive, attacking the foetus. Her heart sank.

“But surely, there has to be…”

She was prescribed low dosages of aspirin and Heparin. It was her last attempt for a child. It had to work. Please, let it work.


9 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge – Parent

  1. touching tale with all the intricacies of modern medicine and ways to deal with the delicacy of a new forming life, things still get complicated. I loved the gentleness with which you write your tale. very very beautifully penned.

    1. Thank you Singledust! I was afraid I’d written about it a bit too coarsely – it’s not an easy topic to write about, and you can only go so far listening to firsthand accounts and others talk about it. But every time I’m struck with how determined the parents – both of them! – are, and how strong they were to pull through, regardless of the end result. Whatever I write probably won’t be enough to pay tribute to their strength, but I’m glad a little of it came through.

      (Off topic, but wondering – would you rather I call you Singledust, or Gina? Not sure which one I should use >_>)

      1. it is not an easy topic at all! and that’s why your understanding and tenderness touched me. Life is fragile and strong and precious yet delicate all in one. You articulated this beautifully. You can call me by either name. In the early days I was more reclusive and wanted to hide but as time passed I became braver so am comfortable using my own name now too.

      2. Now you’re just making me blush 😛 I understand your point on being reclusive though – there’s something intimidating about putting yourself out there on the Internet, where there’s no takebacks and where everyone can see. But it takes time!

    1. Thank you Rose! Being a parent is never easy, from conception to birth and beyond. I mean, there is always medical advancement, but there’s always that margin. Thus my appreciation for parents and their infinite patience… most of the time!

    1. Thank you Jade! It’s never easy to write about it, especially if I’ve (luckily) never experienced it (yet). But I’m glad it was gentle enough for such a sensitive topic.

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