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Garden Tea Parties

TitleGarden Tea Parties
Source: Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – Week of May 9, 2017
Words count: 175 words

I’ll admit – I was listening to a podcast on tea and the history of tea through Britain and China. I knew bits of its history, but I hadn’t given a thought as to the cultural differences. Maybe it’s because I grew up in such a global community, where I happily drink Darjeeling one day, genmaicha the next – or even on the same day! I think I have a book about its history secreted somewhere…

It was a beautiful day in the garden. Too beautiful, in fact, the heat suffocating in her ruffled tea party dress.

Her mother nudged her.

“Stop fidgeting, sweetheart.”

“But -”

“Be a dear and ask the kitchen for lemonade, won’t you?”

This she was amenable to – she’d have some respite from the sun. So naturally, she obeyed.

A loud thump sounded as she entered the manor, but she ignored it, heading to the kitchen. There, she received a floral pitcher, filled to the brim. She tottered back to the garden, unbalanced by its weight.

When she reached the patio door, there was a crash. She looked up, in time, to see someone fall from an upper window, tumbling onto the neatly manicured flowerbeds.

Felicity stared. An man lay crumpled in their begonias, dark red dribbling from his mouth, eyes rolled back. No one – not Felicity, not the assembled congregation of women – dared to move.

Then, Mother took the pitcher from her, entirely unruffled.

“Oh, dear. How inconvenient. Felicity, have the butler call the police, won’t you?”

Image credit to Yarnspinner

15 thoughts on “Garden Tea Parties

    1. I can’t guarantee she’ll be here – she’s entirely unmatched in her writing, but I like to think the detectives will be here… soon! And yes, I think we both did. Great minds think alike! 😀

    1. Very inconsiderate indeed – they were having delicious scones and lemonade, couldn’t they have fallen elsewhere? Joking aside – thank you Michael!

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