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100 Word Challenge – Tyrant

Title: The Despot’s Bark
Prompt: Tyrant
100 Word Challenge – Thin Spiral Notebook

Another silly little diversion I wrote for this challenge, in between my studying sessions. Thankfully (or not), my midterms are almost on me, and after next week it’ll all be fine! Hopefully. Until my finals, which show up in May, sadly…

At midday, they were all led to the feeding area, where metal bowls filled with food awaited them. But then… he’d appear, hunting, prowling.

He was cruel, despotic, despite his tiny stature and squeaky voice. When his black, beady eyes found a target, his voice would rise to a shrill bark, and he’d begin to charge –

“Bad Pawsborne! No stealing food!”

Their saviour! Pawsborne the teacup poodle was lifted off the ground, yowling in protest. Their saviour was unfazed, far stronger, and carried him off, scolding him all the way. Only then could they enjoy their lunch in peace.


12 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge – Tyrant

      1. I don’t know about pomskies, but I do know they’re a bundle of happiness and joy! Usually the fierce dogs I’ve seen are chihuahuas, Pekingnese… occasionally bichon frises. But never pomskies! I’d personally like a husky. Or a goldie. Or even an Akita. I’m boring, I know xD

      2. Eh, if that’s boring we can be boring together. Tamed and sweet ones are always adorable. And so huggable too. Even if they jump up onto sofas and generally do things they’re not allowed to… well. There’s a reason why puppy eyes are so effective.

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