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100 Word Challenge – Music

Title: Conflicting Interests
Prompt: Music
100 Word Challenge – Thin Spiral Notebook

Between studying for my upcoming midterms and a few other things that are currently crushing me, I was in the mood for something mundane and silly. This one’s loosely based on one of my childhood memories – except sadly, I didn’t get any sort of ice cream sundae to soothe my little temper tantrum.

“He doesn’t even play!”

“But he’s never been, sweetie.”

She huffed. Mom had tickets to Lee Yundi’s recital – her idol! – but received only two. Inexplicably, they decided her brother should go.

“Come on,” Dad soothed. “Let’s get dinner at Ruby Tuesday.”

She pouted.

“And a sundae.”

“… Hmph.”

When she was plied with a strawberry ice cream sundae, her temper evaporated. At nine-thirty though, her dad’s cell rang. He picked it up, grimaced, then hung up.

“Well. We’re gonna pick up your mom.”


Her father sighed. “Your brother fell asleep before the intermission, and wants to go home now.”


5 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge – Music

    1. YES. To both the last recital, and the sundae All the ice cream! Even if it’s meant to be an indulgence… Reminds me of the time Emack and Bolio’s finally came to Hong Kong. I was over the moon for it.

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