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100 Word Challenge – Gnash

Title: Lost at Sea
Prompt: Gnash
100 Word Challenge – Thin Spiral Notebook

So, this week. Instead of focusing on any sort of writing, I went back to Failbetter Game’s amazing Sunless Sea, and found myself spending hours just watching my little corvette steam along a dark, terrifying sea – sorry, Zee – towards adventure, madness, monsters, and strange things that defy all laws known to man. For a game whose tagline is “Lose Your Mind. Eat Your Crew”… well, so far I haven’t done either. Maybe I’m missing something? This piece is very loosely inspired by one of the runs I’ve had, although this can be read alone entirely.

When the official pushed a wooden box towards her, her heart plummeted.

“Is this…”

“Yes. My deepest condolences, Miss Keiller.”

With trembling hands, she opened the box. Inside was a locket and a logbook. All that was left of her father.

“Not even…”

“Not a trace. His men say he sacrificed himself to save them.”

“Where are the fugitives now?”

“Most were killed in the fighting. Some escaped and fled South.”

She grit her teeth, hands balling into fists. She remembered Father’s charts. She’d find the survivors, make them pay for what they did. But first, she needed a ship.


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