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100 Word Challenge – No means O

Title: Missing Letters
Prompt: No means O
Source: 100 Word Challenge – Thin Spiral Notebook

This week, Tara from Thin Spiral Notebook set us a challenge – write 100 words without using the letter “N”. So obviously, I gave it a lot of thought… a bit too much, actually. Enough that it left me stumped for a day or two, until inspiration struck… and I went for what I think was a very apt subject matter. Somewhat. I’m no good with poetry, but I can write silly little prose tidbits, so this was what I did.

I am *fairly* sure I didn’t write with any “N” in my 100 words… but this was fun. Hard, but fun. Please don’t ask me to write for any more than 100 words though. I think I might’ve torn my hair out at the end of it.

“What are you -”

“I’m stuck, that’s what.”

He looked at the exercise book. The pages were scarred by Biro marks, words skewered with thick, black strokes. Plus, had she stabbed the paper? It’d justify the multitude of holes poked through the sheets…

“Why -”


Miffed, he sought to justify the doodled vortex of crossed-out words. The deleted words were dissimilar, with little similarity to each other. He peered at the chaos, puzzled.

Before he could ask further, she threw her Biro to the floor with a huff.

“I give up. It’s impossible to write without the letter ‘E’!”


7 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge – No means O

    1. Same! I was thinking about it the other day – generally, if you write without any vowel, it might be almost impossible to create a story… (oh, hey, look. All vowels!)

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