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100 Word Challenge- Food

Title: Some Assembly Required
Prompt: Food
Source: 100 Word Challenge – Thin Spiral Notebook

I genuinely have no excuse for this. After several stories’ worth of crime,  murder, and a hint of sadness, I just wanted to write something silly, fluffy, and relaxing. So here it is. It’s based off one of my favourite toys when I was younger – I used to adore those looms for children, and I bought so much yarn trying to make bags, blankets for my teddy bear, throw rugs for my bed (which I never completed)… When it finally broke apart, my heart broke with it too. Of course, then came the ice-cream-maker-for-kids, and I forgot about my heartbreak entirely. Maybe one day, I’ll head off to the kids’ section and buy one for myself again.

In the case of this prompt, we had to use words that originally meant food but had a secondary meaning, which is why this is about a loom. Though has anyone tried to weave spaghetti on a loom? Hm.

The box was a lie. “Piece-of-cake Weaving”, it claimed. Nope.

At his feet, the yarn lay tangled on a wooden frame. “String warp thread according to numbering”, the manual said, but he couldn’t see any numbers on the frame.

In a pickle?”

His wife’s voice interrupted his thoughts, and he sighed.

“It was meant to be a surprise – Dara wanted one of these for her birthday…”

She giggled, picked up the frame and turned it over. Wait – those were –

“You had it upside down, darling,” she said, pressing a kiss to his cheek. “Shall we try again?”


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