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Earning Keep

Title: Earning Keep
Source: Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – Week of March 21, 2017
Words count: 175 words

I never forgot the first time I met a busker, though it wasn’t a musician – no, the first one I ran into was a living statue. My dad had given me a few coins and urged me towards this innocuous-looking golden statue in Europe. Me being ten-year-old me, I missed the mischievous look on his face, and nearly jumped out of my skin when the statute started moving. The “statue” gave me a lovely chocolate lollipop (and my dad gleefully snapping photos of my startled reaction), but for several years, I would eye any statue I saw in my home city suspiciously. Just in case they started moving…

Image credit to Sunayana MoiPensieve

The commotion could be heard two streets away. Earlier, it’d been the dulcet tones of a musician singing. Now, a discontented crowd had gathered. She began to force her way through, in time to hear:

“Look, if you’d just give -”


“But sir, all these cases -”

The security guard drummed his baton, glaring. His keychain jangled. “I said now.”

Boos rose from the crowd. She pushed through, felt someone push her, and slammed into the guard.

The man rounded on her, and she smiled sweetly.

“Oop, clumsy me! Sorry.”

He eyed her suspiciously, then looked at the rumbling crowd. Grumbling, he addressed the busker.

“You have five minutes.”

The security guard returned to the antiquated museum amongst a chorus of jeers. She caught the busker’s eye, and nodded.

Ten minutes later, the busker re-joined her in a deserted alleyway, dragging his speakers along.

“Got it?” he asked. She showed him the key imprint.

“You were right, he really hates buskers. But now we have our entryway. Who’s casing the joint with us again?”




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