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100 Word Challenge – Risk

Title: Breaking the Cycle
Prompt: Risk
Source: 100 Word Challenge – Thin Spiral Notebook

You know, the other day I walked by what used to be the shop front of Page One, a bookstore in Hong Kong. It used to be part of my childhood – if my brother and I were very good while Dad did grocery shopping, our reward would be to head to Page One at the end of the day to pick out two books we’d bring home. We’d spend an hour at most, but it was always enriching. And now it’s closed. So here’s a little wishful thinking from my part.

She walked briskly to the property agent’s office, passing a boarded-up storefront. Once, it’d been the city’s largest bookstore.

Two international franchises pulled out two years ago, citing high rents and dismal sales. People lamented the lack of choice, and turned to Amazon. More bookstores closed, continuing the cycle. Yet here she was.

The agent’s smile was oily, insincere.

“Here to pay the deposit?”


Her cheque amounted to three hundred thousand – the sum she’d sold her apartment for. She had two years to trial her bookstore, but she’d always been lucky. Time for her to make this work.


12 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge – Risk

    1. I think it’s a dream for many writers! The smell of books, paper, a warm fireplace (preferably away from the books, in a little nook!)… I’ll admit to being a sucker for leather-bound books though. Something about them makes me squee ❤ Which only made me a bit more sad about so many bookstores closing… Eh. Thanks for the kind words Jade!

      1. I couldn’t agree more! I have yet to develop a fondness for kindles, and still prefer to visit bookstores and libraries. There really is nothing quite like them.

      2. I actually have a Kindle (blasphemy, I know!), and it’s grown on me. Definitely it had *nothing* on bookstores and libraries – nor can it match the page-turning or the smell. But I keep a lot of my reference books on there, as well as novels written by authors that are recommended, but I’m not sure about! Makes bringing a small library while travelling much easier.

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