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100 Word Challenge – Adventure

Title: Breaking the Cycle
Prompt: Risk
Source: 100 Word Challenge – Thin Spiral Notebook

An almost-continuation of the 100 word challenge I did last week, though this one is in a slightly different vein. I’m not sure what’s inspiring all my exploration and discovery-themed stories lately, perhaps it’s the urbex photography I’ve been looking.

So much planning. All those supplies. All for this moment, as they crept through the bushes.

A twig snapped. He glared at his companion.


“I’m trying!”

They could see their prize. The old, rickety building, abandoned to rot. Now, to get closer…

“What’re you two doing?”

Startled, they turned to see their babysitter scowling, arms crossed, and tried to hide the key they’d filched from the front door. The woman sighed.

“C’mon, Your ‘rents won’t be happy if you’re not asleep.”

Defeated, they trudged back home. One day, they’d get to the arcade machine in the shed. One day.


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