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100 Word Challenge – NOON

Title: Hunting Myths
Prompt: NOON
Source: 100 Word Challenge – Thin Spiral Notebook

For this challenge, we had to fit either palindromes or semordnilaps. So originally, I found this delightful word called aibohphobia – the fear of palindromes itself! It’s not an actual phobia, one of the so-called “humorous” ones, but something about the word tickled me. Unfortunately, I couldn’t fit it into a story, so I backtracked, and decided on something a little less ambitious. Maybe I’ll revisit aibohphobia. One day!

The trailer was quiet as he surveyed the maps on the wall. Earlier, he’d made a spam sandwich, but he hadn’t even touched it.

This remote location hadn’t been on his radar, but several tourists had gone missing in these woods. Police classified it as an accident, but he knew better. He knew the legends. He knew how they had deified this beast. And all those recent sightings, surely there’d be some truth to it…?

A primal roar broke the stillness, startling him. He smiled. Yes, he’d come to the right place – and he’d bring the creature home, dead or alive.


11 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge – NOON

  1. Lovely. Great use of maps and spam and I love your new word, aibohphobia – the fear of palindromes. I don’t know how I could fit it into a sentence but I’ll give it a try.

    1. Thank you! If you do find a way, let me know and I’ll happily read it! I can’t take credit for the word though, sadly, but it was a fascinating find.

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