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100 Word Prompt – History

Title: Under Plum Blossoms
Prompt: History
Source: 100 Word Challenge – Thin Spiral Notebook

I know Valentine’s Day is long past, but I’m still a romantic at heart, and it is still the week of the 14th February. Besides, my last Valentine’s Day themed story was less on romantic love – so let me make up for that by writing this!

She tried not to fidget with her satchel. He would be here soon, surely?


The voice was soft, but her heart leapt when she saw the silhouette atop the wall.

“You came!”

“But of course.” He stretched out a hand, beckoning her. Just as she began climbing the plum blossom tree, she heard a shout and two figures running, and then –


Her granddaughter’s voice startled her. Blinking, she remembered she was in the now abandoned courtyard, as her husband took their grandson for a “house tour”.

“Yes, little one?”

“Tell me about you and Grandpa again. Please?”



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