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A Small Detour

Title: A Small Detour
Source: Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – Week of February 7, 2017
Word count: 175 words

Image credit to Mike Vore

He couldn’t believe his eyes.

There, in the middle of the overgrown road, was a truck. The red was bleeding into rust, and half the letters had peeled away, but it was intact. He tested the handle, and to his delight, the door opened.

He climbed on, seat creaking under his weight. Here, he could its engine roaring, cars zipping along (like the videos!), flag soaring high, and the stereo cranked up  –


It broke his reverie. Turning, he came face-to-face with his scowling squad leader, drumming the holster of her improvised rifle.

“Quit goofing. We need to get to the city stat, unless you wanna fight the night-stalkers again.”

“Yes ma’am.” His voice was a little sulky as he climbed down. “It’s just… I’ve never seen one for real.”

The older woman’s face softened.

“No, of course not. Tell you what. If we get back safe, we’ll get someone to bring it in. Might be useful if we can fix it up.”


“Yes. Now get moving. Those supplies ain’t gonna scavenge themselves.”


13 thoughts on “A Small Detour

  1. I really like how you wove in the post-apocalyptic element into the story. The flow in this whole piece felt very natural. I loved that, and the feeling of being there with Mitch. Now, the question remains: Are the night-stalkers humans or walkers/zombies?? Either way, GREAT JOB.

      1. Truth be told, I didn’t particularly have a “species”(?) in mind when I wrote that – I went between “zombies” to “the infected” to “bloodsuckers” before settling on a more neutral term 😀 I’m sorry to disappoint though >_>

      2. You didn’t! Lol. If you’d gone with a specific term, it would’ve worked well, too. But by taking a more neutral or ambiguous term, you opened it up for more interpretations. That’s a great thing 😁🤗

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