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100 Word Prompt – Telling

Title: Taking Centre Stage
Source: 100 Word Challenge – Thin Spiral Notebook

The Speech Festival was all the rage in Hong Kong while I was in primary school – something that still continues to this day! Children compete to memorise stories, poems, sometimes even writing their own, for the coveted first place… of course, once we got to university, it became completely useless. But it taught invaluable lessons for public speaking – and getting over stage fright!

She went onstage when the emcee read out her name, . The lights were too bright, too hot, the judges too angry, and her mouth too dry. She tried not to fidget, or tug at the pigtails Mummy had put her hair in.

“If you’re scared,” Mummy had said in the cool, quiet dark before the poetry contest. “Look at me, and imagine you’re telling me the story.”

She couldn’t see Mummy in the sea of faces, but she tried to remember her smile, a warm living room, and sunlight filtering in through the windows.

She breathed in deeply, and began.



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