Writing Prompts

100 Word Prompt – Money

Title: Beaded Creations
Prompt: Money
Source: 100 Word Challenge – Thin Spiral Notebook

I’ve missed doing these! A good little warm-up to kickstart my writing muscles again – I think they may have atrophied from my hiatus. This was based on someone very dear to me, who started building his life in the late 60s when Hong Kong was still a British colony. This is my poor tribute for the kindness and love he has shown me so many times, and his indomitable spirit.

When his father died in 1968, his inheritance was five dollars. He was also left with far-too-young siblings, and a sickly mother.

So he bought plastic beads, some wire, and made bracelets. He went the pier at dawn to hawk his wares, and earned seven dollars. He made goldfish the next morning, and sold those. Seven became twelve, then twenty-eight, then –

In his cramped office, he went over his accounts again. Profits were modest, but soon it’d be enough to buy his mother a home, and send his brother to the States to study economics. He’d make sure of it.


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