… And the beginning of a new one.

I should honestly kick the habit of radio silences, but as it turns out, life usually has other ideas for me. So, a quick update to tell you – I’m not dead. Not yet. It’s just things have taken a bit of an unexpected turn.

As of June, for those who still remember, I completed my undergraduate law degree, with a decent honours, no less. That meant that I had to go on to my second stage of my legal career – my postgraduate certification, one which I need to qualify as a solicitor or an advocate, and continue on.

However, I encountered a setback – I didn’t make it to my preferred choice. We have a choice between full-time and part-time, and – well, I ended up in part-time. Which made me angry at first, because I know for a fact my grades – and my GPA – were better than some of the people who made it into full-time, but still, I was refused entry.

I’m still trying to come to the terms with that fact. For all the consolations and platitudes of well-meaning people telling me it’s better for me, I have time to do what I enjoy – it wasn’t what I expected. It wasn’t what I knew I could do. And I’d hoped that I wouldn’t have to waste money or time, and take only one year before I went on to my masters in English. Looks like that plan will have to wait for now.

For now, I’m working, after my holiday – to Tokyo, no less – at an internship, and I fully intend on completing it, part time or no. And then… we’ll see where I go. I’m still trying to grapple with my postgraduate offer, and I think it’ll be some time before I can fully accept it, or for me to fully let it go.

But. No matter what – it is either the best thing to happen to me in these years, or the worst. I only hope that I survive my postgraduate course intact – and not as dead as my undergraduate career left me.


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