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100 Word Prompt – Power

Title:  The Almost Perfect Pitch
Prompt: Power
Source: 100 Word Challenge – Thin Spiral Notebook

Just in time, I hope! Something that was inspired by listening to a presentation, and a very brutal Q&A session that followed. I did not envy the presenter, but to their credit, they answered the questions to the person’s liking. At least, that was the impression I received. But I am aware just because they stopped asking doesn’t always mean the answers were satisfactorily…

They had mirror-polished shoes, teeth she could use as a distress signal, and a designer suit. The pitch was perfectly crafted, promising large returns. Their lip curled when they saw her, wearing a budget dress, tired eyes, and mussed hair. She ignored it.

They finished with a flourish, as though waiting for applause. There was silence. She leant forward.

“Pardon me, but given how achievable your project is – in your words – why do you need our funding? You could bootstrap it.”

There was nothing quite as satisfying as that smile sliding off their face and watching them struggle for an answer.



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