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100 Word Prompt – Dream

Title:  The Impossible
Prompt: Dream
Source: 100 Word Challenge – Thin Spiral Notebook

Nothing serious, once again, just a small, short vignette – hopefully entertaining and humorous. Inspired by a very common problem at our very modern-day offices. To this day, it still astounds me how entire companies and corporations can dominate and influence the world, yet still be crippled by something as simple as a bug in the system, or a computer going offline!


She couldn’t have asked for a better day. She was fully awake. No server back-ups scheduled, no sudden server failures. Now, with a few hours left, she was prepared to –

The phone on her desk rang, and she picked it up with a groan. “Yes, speaking… yes,  this is IT…” She listened to the rambling, then, “It’s not turning on? Are you sure? … Alright. I’ll be there.”

She put down the phone, sighed, and left her cubicle. So much for her dream of a problem-free day. Hopefully it was just a case of someone not plugging in their computer.



8 thoughts on “100 Word Prompt – Dream

  1. At one office I worked in, a co-worker couldn’t get her computer to work. I toggled the “On” button in the back of her machine, and voila, it worked.

    1. Tech problems of the day! I have to admit, I’ve fallen victim to that before too – I got frustrated that the PC wasn’t responding, before I realised the previous user had switched it off…

    1. Thank you! “Dream” is a very versatile word, and can be taken in any direction. I was, however, inspired by my friend who was griping to me about his day at the office, and thus, this was born.

  2. I always felt badly for the IT people when I worked in an office. They were always running from one issue to another! Never able to sit down and finish a cup of coffee even!

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