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100 Word Prompt – Change

Title:  Moving Day
Prompt: Change
Source: 100 Word Challenge – Thin Spiral Notebook

I had two versions for this challenge, actually – one is still languishing in my drafts folder, the other… well, out here. Whether I want to publish that one  as a “supplement” is different, because it touches on everything I’ve written before. So I decided to leave more familiar ground, and go into something… equally familiar. Something about being a creature of habit comes to mind…

The further the city, the easier he breathes. His duffel bag is at her feet, and his suitcase in the bus storage. His friends called him crazy – your analyst job! – but he knew he’d regret it more if he stayed. He’d never worked on a farm before, but everyone started somewhere.

The bus screeches to a halt, and he glances up. His stop. Hauling himself to her feet, he gets off, and is met by a friendly, beaming redhead.

“You must be the new farmer! Come this way – the Mayor asked me to show you to your grandfather’s old farm…”



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