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100 Word Prompt – Duty

Title: In War
Prompt: Duty
Source: 100 Word Challenge – Thin Spiral Notebook
Picture Credit: Throne Room in the Ruins of Lordaeron, from World of Warcraft

Ooh, I might be a bit late for this one (I blame my midterms), but we’ll see. The linky list hasn’t closed! Yet. Another 100 word prompt! I’m hoping to keep this fairly consistent, hopefully not miss too many. Duty is a tricky thing to write, I find. Mainly because the first thing I thought was duty of care, followed by breach of said duty of care, and then how much someone would have to pay in damages… Ahem. So this week, I hope to bring you something less dull.

For those of you who play a certain strategy game, you will recognise this. But otherwise, can be read alone.

 “Kill them.”

The words rang in his head, as he kept guard in isolation. His countrymen, his subjects were on the field – dying, on the whim of a tyrant. No. He is still my father.

His hands trembled at his side. He desperately hoped the rebel leader would die, slain, because he couldn’t bring himself to kill them. How could you kill someone you loved?

There was a thud, and the doors swung open. In they stepped, broken, defiant. He swallowed, and unsheathed his sword, the weight heavier than he remembered it to be.

For my country. For Father.


6 thoughts on “100 Word Prompt – Duty

  1. I wonder if this internal battle has been waged over the millennia when father/son, brother/brother were on opposite sides of war.

    (Just under the wire! Glad you made it.)

    1. Likewise – history is rife with so many of these conflicts, where families took opposing sides and tore their homes into two. History never records their feelings but… one can imagine. I’m only grateful (oddly) that I won’t be able to understand the anguish.

      (And thank you! Whew, just in time 😀 I was worried I missed it.)

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