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100 Word Prompt – Habit

Title: The Wednesday 9:30 Lecture
Prompt: Habit
Source: 100 Word Challenge – Thin Spiral Notebook
Picture Source: Eflon – Flickr

My entry for this week’s 100 word prompt! Unfortunately, due to my final year at university I’ve been a bit slow on my blogging schedule, but I wasn’t about to give myself an excuse to miss this. This is going to be rather mundane, but I think that’s always best to write about.

The room stank of coffee and curry fishballs. Her fingers, numbed by air-conditioning, struggled to take notes. One of her classmates had already given up, slumped his laptop and snoring. That sound was drowned out by the mike’s feedback.

She brushed a thumb over her chapped lips, absently tugging dead skin and typing with one hand: Order 41A rule 3 imposes… A sudden pain tore her from her haze, and she tasted – and smelled – blood in her mouth. She sighed: she’d torn it again, sixth time this week. She really ought to pick up that lip balm later after class.


13 thoughts on “100 Word Prompt – Habit

  1. It was years after I had graduated college that I stopped having stress dreams about final exams in classes I never attended. I remember those sorts of late night study sessions and don’t miss them at all.

    1. I’ve got mixed feelings, now that I’m nearing the end of university – or rather, college. On one hand, I can’t wait to be rid of the classes, but on the other, the prospect of finally emerging into society is scary, because suddenly you’re out there making your own ways. I will agree though – I won’t miss the late night study sessions either when I’m done!

    1. I wish I’d outgrown mine! The only way I can stop myself is to apply copious amounts of balm, so the chapping and the flecks of skip don’t irritate me as much…

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