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100 Word Prompt – Paper

Title: Sketch by Sketch
Prompt: Paper
Source: 100 Word Challenge – Thin Spiral Notebook

It’s been a while since I last did this! So, as a humble offering – and to dip my toes back in, hopefully to get back into routine, my entry for the 100 word challenge this week after it migrated to Thin Spiral Notebook! Inspired by my recent attempts to pick up sketching again.

It felt foreign, pencil scritching away on paper. She’d never known those motions, only imitated them, trying to catch hold of something she never truly understood.

Writing was easier – she knew how to form sentences, to write, to punctuate for effect. But drawing – it was simple enough. Look at image. Process through mind. Copy image onto paper. Remember proportion, lighting, shading.

She looked at her sketch – its shaky lines, its lopsided eyes, the heavily slanted face.  She picked up an eraser, and scrubbed at the wrinkled, pencil-marked paper, wiping it clean. Maybe this time she wouldn’t rumple the paper.



11 thoughts on “100 Word Prompt – Paper

    1. I used to tear mine into pieces – best to destroy the evidence! Right now, my sketching sheet is sitting forlornly under my keyboard, hiding its horrors from the world…

  1. oh, I think we are sometimes our own worst critics – especially if it (art, writing, whatever) does not go exactly the way we could see it – hear it – in our minds. I get you.

    1. I think that applies to everything we do, whether it be writing or drawing! In your mind, it’s this beautiful concept, and then when it emerges… well. That’s what editing and polishing is for!

  2. I am a closet sketcher. Hubby bought me all the necessary accoutrements a few years ago and all I’ve managed to scratch out is a still of a wine bottle. I can feel the frustration and the perfection an artist strives for in your piece. Well done!

    1. Still, it’s the effort that counts, and I am sure the sketch was lovely. That’s the thing with sketching – it seems to take forever to achieve the effect you want, or what you see. I do envy those who sketch so effortlessly. And thank you!

  3. This is great! My daughter, who is a fabulous artist, never feels as though her pictures are ‘good enough’ and wants to destroy them. She hasn’t yet but I’m glad I take pictures of them, just in case!!

  4. I’ve gotten better at not dismissing my art work out of hand, and just accepting the imperfections. But it is difficult. I still want to pick up that eraser!

    1. I sympathise – and agree! All the time I see people saying “just draw, and don’t think about the imperfections”, but I still always reach for it whenever I think an eye’s too big, or too small, or if the shading’s off…

  5. I haven’t sketched in so long. I don’t know if I still can. Now you’ve made me itchy to grab the old pad an a pencil.

    1. Aha, it’s never too late I think! I haven’t done sketching since high school, but it’s been a good distraction for me when I don’t want to be on my PC.

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