Writing Prompts

100 Words Prompt #421 – Weekend Drinks

Title: Weekend Drinks
Prompt: Misbehave
Source: 100 Words Prompt #421 – Velvet Verbosity

I am back to my scheduled routine of bemoaning the state of love. This time, it’s not my story – it’s my friend’s, borne out of a conversation. I don’t aim to make any statement of whether or not I think the use of the app this way is acceptable, just a little sketch about someone’s emotional state when dealing with this problem.

There’s nothing wrong, they tell themselves, as they text the stranger on Tinder. Not when my S.O. is doing it themselves, in moments when the Internet cannot transmit loving words, gentle touches, tender kisses, and warm skin.

There’s nothing wrong, not when they turn to a stranger on Tinder for comfort instead of them. I’m just treating them the same way they treated me. Why should I be the only faithful one?

There hasn’t been a kiss yet. No flirting. No teasing. They’re safe. But when the weekend rolls around and they go for drinks, suddenly, they aren’t sure anymore.


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