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100 Words Prompt #408 – A Subway Encounter

Title: A Subway Encounter
Prompt: Once
Source: 100 Words Prompt #408 – Velvet Verbosity

My apologies for starting the new year on such a sombre note, but recent events have… well, put me in a more melancholy mood. I promise the next post will be happier! I’d like to be able to say this wasn’t based on a true story, but this has happened to so many people. I have only heard – I only hope I never experience this, ever.

Once, the numbers were a statistic, the stories black-and-white printed on shoddy paper, ink staining her fingertips. Once, they were cautionary tales, be careful who you date, you never know.

Tonight, it materializes with four men holding him down and four women guarding her to her next destination. It solidifies at the police station, her friend’s presence comforting, as she hides the tremors and recounts how her ex had shoved her into a wall, nearly ripped her shirt trying to trap her, red veins in his eyes, screaming for explanations.

Once, it had been only been a nightmare.


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