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100 Words Prompt #400 -Saving Face

Title: Saving Face
Prompt: Staff
Source: 100 Words Prompt #400 – Velvet Verbosity

And I’m back posting these! I’ve been remiss the past eight prompts. Should probably find some more so I can dabble a bit longer. Finally was let up just about enough to let me re-focus on my writing instead of my usual rambles about how life in my current half of the globe. Nothing too special about this one, just a little indulgence as I write about things people most definitely won’t connect with.

The paparazzi simply had a field day with this one. A young man, and older starlet, all over each other. Tongues were wagging everywhere, which was why this little intervention had been called.

Neither person spoke. Small talk had been futile, petering out within moments. Now, they were alternately stirring their tea, or drinking it.

Footsteps heralded the approach of a third person. A woman in a pencil skirt didn’t so much sit as perched and alighted, and ordered herself a glass of wine. She smiled wryly.

“So,” she said flatly, flourishing the tabloid magazines. “What’s the angle this time?”


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