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100 Words Prompt #392 – Youngster

Title: Asphalt and Music
Prompt: Youngster
Source: 100 Words Prompt #392 – Velvet Verbosity

A lot has been happening this week, not just for me – on my personal side, I’ve got university registrations, had a couple of things dealt with, people to see, new friends to make, people to say goodbye to. In the global scale of things… well, it’s been a mess. And I’m not just talking about the horrid weather we’ve been having over this side of the Pacific Ocean. Thus my lack of updates.

This one… not much to say about this, really. It’s not a lament on my generation, and certainly not any comment. Just a little thing that happened this week for me involving a car crash, a massive traffic jam, and a very isolated stretch of road.

I just missed the deadline for this one, but here it is, for those who wish to read it. I’ll try to get my next one on time!

It started with a car accident. Now she was out on hot asphalt, stumbling her way back, keeping watch over a child who had both his ears plugged in to music. If that wasn’t nerve-wracking enough, the kid had his back to incoming vehicles, as though he owned the road as he made his way back. Twice she had to shout to warn him of cars speeding their way behind him.

When she finally watched him reach his house, she felt guilty for relief at having him out of her hair. Now to worry about her own way home.


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