Writing Prompts

100 Words Prompt #387 – Faded

Title: Past Records
Prompt: Faded
Source: 100 Words Prompt #387 – Velvet Verbosity

The sheer numbers that have passed between my last prompt and this one only goes on to show how lax I’ve been in writing. So here’s one to make up for it. This one was based on my photo-clearing search the other day, when I was tidying my room. Not the most philosophical of pieces, but I’m ridiculously sentimental. Especially when it comes to my teddy bear and growing up.

A girl smiling, stained with ice cream. A pudgy baby boy pouting, so different from the too-tall, muscled not-man he is now. A father and his daughter in the pool. A mother cradling her baby swaddled in fluffy towels. All records of her childhood.

Yet what hits home is the decade-old, sun-faded photo of a teddy in a dress, patches of bald peeking through. Something in her breaks, and she clutches the almost furless toy in her arms, tears leaking. Her old friend’s grown old, well-worn, well-loved, and now, she feels the years too.


2 thoughts on “100 Words Prompt #387 – Faded

    1. Truth be told, I simply went straight to description without thinking about context or the background. But yes, the weather’s been horrid, even over here – storms and thunderclouds. I’m glad that you enjoyed it though!

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