Another School Year… Over!

Before I dive into anything – yes, my blog has changed formats again, and honestly, I wish there was a way I could change the dots at the top of the page to be blue instead of pink, but I won’t be able to do that without paying… so I’m out again to hunt for a layout I can customize.

This is generally the time of the year where I feel a little lost, a little bereft, and at the same time so utterly free that I feel I can fly. Well, for a few months anyway until September is over.

It’s also why this blog has been quiet for a bit, past the word prompts and the ramblings that pop up here. I’ve just been freed from the burden of my examinations, and my friends and I celebrated by heading off to the movies and watching X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Spoiler: The movie. Was. Awesome.

No, this isn’t going to be a movie review, because I’ll leave that to the critics. I did stop following the storyline once I hit the X-Men VS Avengers War, and even then I don’t have the comics on set, I just stalk the Wikis, which is a bit of a cheat and definitely not something that I’d recommend someone do.

I suspect I will be maimed by the fans at the admission of the statement.

Moving on swiftly from that point, it’s always surreal when a school year ends. When I was in secondary school, the end of each school year meant for me another year closer to the public examinations that’d determine my fate. And it did – I suspect if I slipped on one more grade, I might not have ended up in the law course I am doing currently. Then I’d be doing Bachelor of Arts, and admittedly it’d be much smoother sailing because it’s something I am interested in, instead of pounding my head through more and more legislation and principles.

Then again, law gives me the challenge I want – it’s easy enough to recite principles, but to apply them is another world entirely. I can only hope that I haven’t forgotten half of what I’ve learnt by the time this year is up.

Now this semester is over, it means I’m one step closer of getting out of education – permanently, if I don’t count my masters – and into actually working. A career. A life. Bills, rents, payments, and there’s something terrifying about going into a world which I don’t believe I’m ready for. All this time, I feel like I’m a teenager trapped in the body of someone who’s supposed to be a mature, fully-grown adult, and there are days when I want to find a way to stop time going by, grab it by the heels, and beg it stop, stop, I need to catch up, let me breathe!

It’s never going to happen, of course, so the best I can do is to run along it and try my best to at least keep pace with all the other runners, and learn to be content with my own abilities, to push and to make it with what I have instead of envying everyone else ahead of me.

Right now though, I’m going to kick back and relax, indulge in a bit of writing and guilt-free procrastination over television series and documentaries. That, and I’m looking forward to playing Skyrim (two years late) and one or two indie games.

Doesn’t sound like a bad way to spend my summer, after all.


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