Broken Down Comforters

I love my down comforter. Down blanket? I don’t know the exact term for it, but what I refer to is that sheet of heavenly warmth goodness filled with down feathers. No, before you ask, it is from a company that does not use live-plucking to obtain the down stuffing the blanket. As a result, it was a fairly expensive purchase. It’s also supposed to be very good quality, that won’t break apart.

Supposed to being the key word. I think you all know where this is going.

Due to my slightly more sensitive nature – mostly when it comes to respiratory functions – my nose clogs up under two conditions: when the season changes, and when my room is really, really dusty or has bits of invisible fluff flying everywhere. As of late, I’ve been noticing… fluff balls drifting about on the floor. Which is odd, because all the stuffed animals in my room are not in the danger of losing their fur, except my little twenty-year-old teddy. That’s another story for another time.

I didn’t give it much thought at first – I thought it might be the windows, or the pollution. Except last night, when I tried to smooth out my comforter that had bunched up, I opened up the blanket cover to smooth the inside so it wasn’t crumpled. When I pulled my hand back out, my sleeve was completely covered in these fluff balls. The same ones that have been drifting about. So curious, I turn on my bedside lamp, peer in, and had quite a shock.

As it turns out, my down blanket is broken. Not just normal broken with a rip or two, but four of the squares that were quilted together had broken apart, leaving a hole that was currently spreading the filling everywhere. Generally it transformed the inside of my blanket cover into a mass of fluffiness that was sticking everywhere to the fabric.

This was how at 3AM in the morning, I was delving into my blanket bag, trying to gather as much of the filling as I could and stuffing them into a ziplock back – or back into the squares. I didn’t have needle, I didn’t have thread – which was a rather foolish thing to do – and eventually I emerged having essentially given up and deciding to enlist the help of someone more experienced in fixing this. Or maybe see if Google-fu had the answer.

So for now, this little… issue is unresolved. I have a down comforter that’s broken and spilled its contents, and then next morning my brother had a good laugh at me for still having the down stuck in my hair and all over my back, like a little bird or something. It took another hour for me to properly comb it out of my hair and pick it out of my clothes. I don’t think I’ve ever been quite so glad for a shower either.

If anyone has advice on how to fix and re-gather all the filling flying everywhere, I’d be glad to hear it. For now? I’m just going to hope it doesn’t clog my nose up, like it has in the past few days…


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