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100 Words Prompt #374 – Recognize

Title: Waiting with Newspapers
Prompt: Recognize
Source: 100 Words Prompt #374 – Velvet Verbosity

I don’t claim to understand what someone feels when faced in this situation, and for those who have been brave enough to try to escape – and those who have succeeded, I applaud them. I don’t think I’d even be able to understand, and there’s only so much books such as Nothing to Envy (written by Barbara Demick, excellent writer, very discomforting and chilling book) can show me a glimpse of through reading. This is an attempt to at least try and imagine a reunion. I hope I’ve somewhat succeeded.

He would’ve brought them over faster if he had the money. The price was steep, but for a son who wanted to rescue his parents from hell, it was worth it.

His hands shake violently, even when his fists are clenched so tightly the newspaper tears. He knows he’s changed – from starved and frail to healthy, like the children on the faded propaganda posters.

That fear gives way to relief and joy, when familiar wizened faces turn the corner, and their frown turn to smiles. He rushes to meet them, knocking over the chair, but he doesn’t care. They’re free.


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