Writing Prompts

100 Words Prompt #373 – Burn

Title: New Year’s Practice
Prompt: Burn
Source: 100 Words Prompt #373 – Velvet Verbosity

 This is several months late – both for the western New Year, and the Lunar New Year (which was in February). But I am a bit of a pyromaniac at heart, and so this is always one highlight during the season. Some part of me, of course, mourns the outlawing of this practice in Hong Kong, but given public safety, and the fact it can still be done in Macau, does make up for the fact in some way.

It’s a common practice to send out the old, thank the Gods for the blessings, and ask for a good new year She never was superstitious, but the excitement of this event is too much for her to resist.

So when she does an excited jig and claps her hands as they burn, she cannot be blamed. Later, she’ll rewatch the video footage, but it will never compare to the red confetti showering from above, and how her heart jumps with every explosion and crackle-snap. Firecrackers were always the proper way to usher in a new year, after all.


2 thoughts on “100 Words Prompt #373 – Burn

    1. Thank you! There’s always something mystical about fireworks and firecrackers. Oh, and setting them off and then running for cover…

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